powder coating CERTIFICATIONS: 

With the goal of comparing both European and American powder coatings certifications we have developed a post to explain our customers what to expect from our certified Qualicoat-Qualideco Class 1, Class 2 and Class 3 of powder coatings, in comparison with the american standard AAMA 2603, AAMA 2604, AAMA 2605.


When comparing powder coatings, talking about QUALICOAT is a must. Qualicoat-Qualideco was funded in 1986 in Switzerland and its the main organization certifying powder coatings in Europe. 


QUALICOAT has established Specifications defining minimum requirements for plant and equipment, coating materials and finished products. All requirements in the Specifications must be met before a quality label can be granted. These Specifications are designed to ensure high-quality of coated products for use in architectural applications.

Qualicoat Class I vs AAMA 2603

Qualicoat Class III vs AAMA 2605

Mostly used for interior applications

Both standard durability would be 8 to 10 years.

Qualicoat conducts accelerated test of 1000h that expects a delta E of 50% gloss retention.

Florida test and anti-corrosion test expects almost the same type of minimum hours to get Qualicoat Class I and AAMA 2603 certificates.

Also used in exterior areas with limited exposure to UV.

Used for exterior applications on prestigious buildings or in extremely high weatherable areas
QUALICOAT Class 3 achieves the Highest durability standard in the market, same as AAMA 2605 that guarantees 10 year Florida color & gloss retention (per AAMA).
Reduced color and gloss selection

As seen, both Qualicoat and AAMA define almost the same main tests and ensure that the powder paintings will have the capabilities expected by the clients. Our new premium line GRAPHECOAT ensures capabilities for architecture that go beyond the Class III or AAMA 2605 certified ones. We add a graphene based particle mix to improve the performance of our powder coatings for special architectural or exterior projects.

For more information, please feel free to connect with us and explain what you need for your project at cubson@cubson.com


As compared, both QUALICOAT and AAMA certify the durability and main specifications that the coatings need to go under in order to get certified. These certifications allow manufacturers and job coaters to trust the quality of the powder coating purchased is matching the standard they need for that.


standard coatings have also high durability, however the non-certified coatings are meant for industrial usage or for usage that does not require such durability characteristics.


AT CUBSON, WE CERTIFY THE COATINGS WITH the highest independent certified in europe, qualicoat-qualideco certifies our powders, read more here.



Qualicoat Class II vs AAMA 2604

Higher durability standard than Qualicoat Class I and AAMA 2603

Mainly for exterior usage and can be used indoors too.

Qualicoat Class II guarantees guarantees super durability which entails for 12-15years of performance according to some accelerated test conducted. Both Qualicoat class 2 and AAMA 2604 expect high anti corrosion capabilities in the powder and gloss retention.

5 year Florida color & gloss retention (per AAMA)
Used for exterior applications Globally for over 30 years.



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