The realm of architectural coatings has transcended mere aesthetics, evolving into a domain of multifunctional enhancements. Among these innovations, graphene powder coatings stand out as a game-changer, offering architects a myriad of benefits for building design and construction.


Cubson International Consulting's pioneering project, "GRAPHECOAT," underscores the transformative potential of graphene powder coatings in architectural contexts. These coatings, fortified with graphene additives, exhibit enhanced corrosion resistance and durability, ensuring optimal performance in diverse environments. Moreover, Cubson's research delves into the intricate realm of nanostructures within coatings, further amplifying their physical and mechanical properties.


By seamlessly integrating graphene coatings into building designs, architects can usher in an era of unprecedented functionality and sustainability. Cubson's coating technologies not only mitigate corrosion and degradation but also imbue surfaces with additional properties such as antimicrobial characteristics and self-cleaning capabilities.




Enhanced Durability

Graphene's integration into coatings provides unparalleled strength and resilience, bolstering resistance against wear, corrosion, and weathering. This heightened durability extends the lifespan of building exteriors, curbing maintenance costs in the long run.


Increased Mechanical Strength

Architects can leverage graphene-infused powder coatings to fortify building materials, enhancing structural integrity and ensuring safety standards


Enhanced Aesthetic Appeal

Graphene coatings bestow a sleek and contemporary finish to building exteriors, contributing to the visual allure of architectural designs.


Innovative Applications

The versatility of graphene opens avenues for groundbreaking architectural designs. Transparent graphene coatings, for instance, can be employed in windows, offering both strength and clarity.




Improved Thermal Regulation

Harnessing graphene's exceptional thermal conductivity, these coatings aid in regulating internal temperatures within buildings, fostering energy efficiency and reducing heating and cooling expenses.



Lightweight Design

Despite its robustness, graphene remains remarkably lightweight. This characteristic facilitates the creation of lighter building components, potentially streamlining construction processes and reducing overall structural weight.

Environmental Benefits

Graphene coatings align with sustainable building practices by bolstering energy efficiency and diminishing the need for frequent maintenance and replacements, thus reducing environmental impact.


Graphecoat Features

GRAPHECOAT was crafted to provide a higher level of durability in special projects, for technical knowledge contact us.



We are thrilled to introduce to you the latest breakthrough in powder coating technology: Graphecoat by Cubson. Graphecoat revolutionizes the coating industry with its exceptional durability, superior performance, and unparalleled versatility.



In the realm of exterior industrial and architectural applications, as well as in furniture, garage doors, and lighting, there has always been a quest for the longest-lasting and best-performing powder coating option. Traditionally, Fluoropolymer coatings and Polyurethane Powder have been the go-to choices for these applications, prized for their durability and weather resistance.



GRAPHECOAT design has shown improvements of over 300% of on our internal lab tests compared to our high profile conventional powder paintings with already outstanding capabilities for this manner.





We aim to collaborate with architects and manufacturers to achieve exceptional results on special projects and achieve increases in durability against corrosion and other hard environments and develop a high-end powder coatings for our clients.




CUBSON INTERNATIONAL CONSULTING S.L. has successfully completed the development of "Development of new formulations with powder painting in graphene on aggressive and harsh environments (GRAPHECOAT)".





Project development has allowed us to formulate a new set of powder paintings with increased capabilities due to the graphene addition. Graphene nanoparticles in our powder coatings showed improvement in corrosion and durability alongside with a mechanical improvement which guarantees the performance of our coatings. Every test conducted to homologate our graphene based powder painting has been successful and validated for industrial usage. 



In CUBSON, we believe research and development is a key factor of our success. We aim to achieve outstanding product development for our clients and customers, because of that we acknowledge the importance of research and work in the development of new formulations and add-ons for our powder coatings.


Apart from the above mentioned development for architectural usage and industrial usage, we also have a line of products for sanitary usage. This development adds different nanoparticles to decrease the viruses, bacteria and fungus.




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